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Q. What are the requirements for a patient to be eligible for home health care services?

A. To qualify for home health care services, one must be Homebound due to illness or disability •Under the care of a physician who will authorize home health care •In need of intermittent skilled services that can be provided at home or just need some help at home.

Q. How is home care paid?

A. Home care is paid for by Medicare, MA, Private insurance, or self paid.

Q. What is covered by Medicare?

A. When a client qualifies for home care services, Medicare will cover 100% of home care services (i.e. Nursing, Physical Therapy, Home Health Aide, all other therapies, and Medical Social Services.

Q. How do I get home care?

A. You can receive home care by making a request to the agency from yourself, your family, a friend, doctor, or hospital discharge planner/ social service department. Contact us now.

Q. How do I know what service I need?

A. A qualified staff member will be able to evaluate your request and will make an initial visit to assist you in determining your plan for home health care. This visit is done at no cost to you.

Q. What is the difference between skilled home health (such as that provided by Independent Care, private duty and custodial care?

A. Intermittent care is care provided periodically throughout your plan of care. Such as the nurse coming three (3) times a week and the home health aide two (2) times a week. This plan usually changes and is decreasing in visits according to your needs. The nurse's and home health aide's time is dependent upon the time it takes to complete her tasks. Medicare, Medicaid and insurance companies are primary mayor sources. Private Duty care is also dependent upon your need but you decide how often you are in need of service. These staff members usually stay from 2-8 hrs, but could be scheduled up to twenty-four (24) as requested. This care is paid for privately or may be covered by a Long Term Care Plan or other insurance. Medicare does not pay for private duty services. Custodial Care is care provided for maintaining your own personal care such as dressing, bathing, and toileting because you need assistance on an on-going basis. Many insurance companies use this term for private duty services. This is also a fee for service arrangement and not covered by Medicare.

Q. If I have another home health agency, but want to switch to Independent Care, what do I do?

A. You always have the right to choose your home health Care agency and to switch home health agencies. To switch home health agencies, simply contact us now. We will visit your home and get your signature on the needed forms. Then we will contact your doctor and your last home health agency to advise them that you have chosen to switch and to coordinate your care.

Q. Do I get the same staff member at my home each time?

A. Independent Care strives to send the same caregivers to the same homes as much as possible. Because we are a team working together to provide the best possible service to you, because some patients occasionally need additional time, and because some team members will occasionally need time off, we will from time to time send different qualified caregivers to make sure you get the full attention needed.

Q. Who oversees what is done?

A. A team of highly qualified nurses reviews your care progress from the office and provides additional oversight and guidance to ensure that your care is coordinated and thorough.

Q. How do I know I can trust the people that come to my home?

A. Our staff are all interviewed, appropriate references are obtained, criminal background checks are done before a thorough orientation is done at time of hire. Our staff is licensed, bonded, insured, and supervised.

Q. How do I get in touch with Independent Care?

A. You can call (763) 205-5763 anytime. Office business hours are 9 a.m. - 5 pm Monday through Friday, line is open 24/7 Weekend and holidays are covered by an on call and staff nurse.


A. Yes, people sometime discover that the assistance provided in an assisted living facility is not enough to enable them to remain independent. In these cases, Independent Care provides a person to make this possible. In some states you are allowed to hire private help in an assisted living facility – or nursing home for that matter.


A. The average Independent Care service runs about 1/3 the cost of an assisted living facility and less than ¼ of what the skilled facility would cost.


A. Generally services can be provided within a 48-hours period and often the same day.


A. Call us today at (763) 205-5763 and we will have our staff come to your home and conduct a free, no obligation assessment. We will then, at your direction, identify caregivers who have the skills, personality and availability to assist you. You then will be able to meet the caregiver and if you approve, they will begin working for you.

Q. Do I have to sign a contract?

A. yes, a open contract.  




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